Monday, July 30, 2007

Two people that can make me lose my breath when I hear them sing: Clay Aiken and Maria Callas (an Opera singer). I'm a mezzo-soprano and most of the time you'll find me playing with my high notes, even when I yawn ;-) I like to sing anything from R&B to opera. I'm a sucker for heartbreaking melodies. My wish is to make people cry tears for joy when they hear me sing....Hope it will happen in this lifetime. Have never written a song (ok, maybe just one). My mom used to say to me that I sound like i strangle cats when I sing, but took her words back when she heard me sing "Cancao do Mar" by Dulce Pontes in the original language - Portuguese.

Here are some more facts about me:

* My name is Michal. It's pronounced "mee-kahl", not "my-kell". The meaning of my name in the English language would be "Brooke".

* Born and raised in Israel. still there, hopefully not for long.

* I speak three languages: Hebrew, Russian and English.

* I believe that Sarah Brightman and Kate Bush are goddesses.

* My dream is to record a duet with Clay Aiken.

* The love of my life is Daniel, who's been with me for as long as i can remember my adult self.

* I have a very fluffy dog named Poosh.

* I use my own language when i talk to my dog. A very silly and high pitched language.

* I love to talk to people and amuse them.

* I'm a student.

* I also work.

* I'm good with computers. Actually...I'm a trained technician.

* I love most of the diva's out there (Whitney, Mariah...)

* I love British T.V. - I Adore programs about decorating and rebuilding houses, especially on the BBC PRIME channel.

* I really REALLY want at least two flamboyant gay boys to be my best friends. I love the way they think and act. I just love their drama. I think I would get along with them better than with any female friend.

* I love art, music and movies.

* Sometimes I can stare for hours at the E channel.

* I'm allergic to Leonardo DiCaprio.

* My favorite food is fruit.

* I love Jewelry, though i don't wear any on me.

* My fovorite perfume is "Eau des 4 Reines" by "L'occitane". It means "Water of the 4 Queens", refering to the four roses this perfume is made of.

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