Friday, July 27, 2007

(Me again, not looking at you this time)

It's hard to focus on writing my blog while my two men are here snoring in the room. Hey! Don't think that! I'm not That kinda girl… It's Daniel (My man) and Poosh (My dog).
Daniel is snoring in baritone and Poosh is snoring in tenor. Maybe I should add my vocals so at least it will sound like real music.

I've been trying to study this blog and the people who share their feeling, thought and experiences. I find that there are not enough people writing and that's a shame. Same names seem to pop up all the time, including mine.

I still haven't figured out what's wrong with my HTML codes. I just can't seem to embed music or videos. I know some of you have succeeded, so I must be doing something wrong.

Well, It's has been more than 6 months and still didn't get my Fan Pack. I wonder why. Maybe it has been sent to me but got lost in the mail. When I say "lost" I mean "stolen". I think the Israeli mail and customs workers are quite suspicious. It's not the first time that a package from the U.S has lost its way to my doorstep. A year ago I bought an art print that I'm still "waiting" for. The woman I bought it from sent it twice. And to think that I gave her a piece of my mind when it failed to arrive…. Oh well. Any way – who do I have to sleep here to get my Fan pack? Huh?

Seriously – is there anyone here that can help me with that? (Update: I got help, thank you bfs...)


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