Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Siol - Nice talking to you too :-) I have left you a comment and an explanation on your blog about the private messages. hope it was helpful.

Marlyne - Yes! i am happy and i intend to stay happy for as long as i can.I have left you a comment on your blog with a short explanation. it's not that complicated. if you'll have trouble with it, just tell me and I'll do my best to help. UPDATE: don't worry girl, I'll be here if you need.

Carolinaclay - you said it right. these clackers are my new Gods. They keep me happy and I can't thank them enough for their effort.

Claymagnet - Right beside my bed i have the Psalm book. the Hebrew one. I read it sometimes. It help me to collect my thoughts and decide what do to in a situation.

Claybear - Thanx for you nice comments! I'm so happy to know that i made a person laugh. These things make my day :-)

Aiken4claynz - Loooooved you're little fluff! you can find pics of Poosh on my blog in one of my first posts. I have left you a comment on you blog.

xMakeMeFeelItx - Honey, you area something else... people need to know about you. You were on to me like i was transparent. Something big will happen to you someday. I know it.

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