Monday, July 23, 2007


Marlyne - Thank you honey. I was just blowing off some steam. So much anger I had to release.

Daffodildem - A friend that i had for 12 years has decided to kick me when i was down. That's a long story but that is the essence of things. Thank god for my man Daniel and Clay for keeping me strong. GOD bless them!

DanishClayFan - thank you for stopping by. Are you still in the US? Please don't worry. I'm okay now. The crying is over and done with and now I'm back on my feet. Starting my life again, only better. Praying for you darlin'.

Claymagnet - wow to you too :-) ! How are ya? I left you a comment on your blog with a bit of advice there. Hope i was helpful.

krissxoxo - I guess everyone has their share of false friendship...thanx for the sympathy, i appreciate it.

Runtome - Oh boy...I'm sorry to hear about your experience. I want you to be strong and to decide that enough is enough. Care for yourself and no other person. Release the pain by writing and talking about it. It helps tremendously and that's what i do. Leave the past in the past and discover yourself and what you like and explore it. My anger became contempt. As Mr. T used to say on "The A-Team": "I pity the fool". This is what i feel about my former friend and this is what i encourage you to think. You blow my mind with these huge Clay pics. Mama Mia...

Claybear - I have sent you an email and commented on your blog (you have so much fun! yey!). Thank you for your offer to help. Taking the time to check on me and listening to my story is more than enough. I feel better now. You guys are the best. Clay is so lucky to have you as his followers (kiss).

Bornperformer2 - baby, you are gorgeous! i left you a comment on your blog with some of my thoughts about what you said.

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