Monday, July 23, 2007

Gosh…. Where to start?

I'm overwhelmed by the masses of emotions that are pored out here on the blog section.

We all love clay to bits (Is that a British term or American? I'm not sure pardon my Anglais). More than 99% of us secretly want to marry Clay but will never admit it out loud (Don't lie!! I know you do! even if technically Clay could be your grandson) and or be his BBF (Best friend forever). Each of you made one friend or more thanks to Clay and the OFC, some of you fight with each other (only you and God knows what it's all about), you take the time and effort to make your blogs so fun to read and so amazingly creative. You talk about it, you chat about it, you post about it and you sing about it. The only thing I think you are not able to do is world peace, and I'm not even sure that you guys haven't got that covered already (maybe you started some process, I dunno)

What makes it all special is that a group of people that hardly know each other (like me and you all) will leave everything and stop for a minute and sometimes more, just to write a nice comment or to give your insight to those who need it the most. Could you be more cool? Na!

It just can't be. It can't. you guys must have something to do with an extra-terrestrial being that programmed you with an extra chromosome ("The Claymosome"). You're so nice! Ahhh!

If Clay only knew…. He would be so proud (but then again, maybe he knows…)

I know I'm proud. So proud I could hug each and every one of you. I mean for real.

So pay attention claydudes – in Clay's next Tour, when you see a crazy woman running after you just to get a hug – that would probably be me. Consider yourselves warned (oh, and please don't hit me, I promise I won't squeeze).

You know what, maybe I'm just having a culture shock. People here in Israel are not that nice (but that's a completely different post).

Lo-ho-ho-ho-ho-v you all


(and for the last time – it's pronounced "mee-kahl", not "my-kell")

(too many brackets! Sheeesh!)

(oh, another one would do no harm, would it? hahahaha)

(I just can't say goodbye. Don't hate)

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